In the middle of the Danish countryside, surrounded by forests and lakes, lives an unusual family: Anne Mette, Bjørn, their five children and their many animals.

The word Biophilia, from Greek “bio” = life, and “philia” = love, literally means "Love of life and the living world". It refers to human beings’ love of living things; our intuitive and innate need to connect with other forms of life in nature.

The farm of the Henriksen family is located near Bryrup, a small city of 1.500 inhabitants in the Central Region of Denmark. Animals, vegetables or children, everything here grows freely - and organically.

Anne Mette and Bjørn chose this place for its space, and for the view over the countryside. “When you walk out of your house and see this view, you think: “Wow, everything is possible!” It doesn’t limit your dreams because you can see very far. It opens up your mind,” Anne Mette says.

The most important thing Anne Mette and Bjørn wanted to give to their children was a place where they could grow what they wanted, and realize all their dreams. “A place where it’s legal to do crazy things,” Bjørn says.

The children go to the local public school in Bryrup. Sometimes Anne Mette puts on her imaginary red nose and takes animals with her down to the school. She thinks it’s good for the children, it makes them happy. “It’s also a way for me to tell to my kids without saying it: “It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.” It’s just life! We’re just playing! We take the puppies, the goats and the rabbits with us and all the kids go crazy!”

Anne Mette holds a degree in organic farming. She takes care of anything that grows at the farm. Bjørn is the founder of the first company in Denmark to produce ecological isolation made from wood fiber.